South African
Supplier Diversity Council Academy

Our Background

For more than a decade, the South African Supplier Diversity Council (SASDC) has successfully provided end-to-end bespoke solutions to facilitate the sustainable integration of under-represented black suppliers into corporate supply chains.

Our Value Partners:

What Our Clients Say

I had to make changes to the brand, marketing strategy and finance management. I now know how to and when to make these changes. I am grateful for the opportunity and support that our corporate sponsor and the SASDC are giving us. It is not often that corporates invest this way in black - owned companies.
Thapelo Mashego
All development and capacity building support received thus far has been highly beneficial to my organisation
Anusha Gowriah

The Business Landscape

A demand and supply-side problem

Often firm’s lack the understanding of the economic, political, environmental landscape, be it location, the price of products, supply chain management deficiencies, or the labour policies which ultimately have dire consequences on the success and sustainability of the business. 

In most cases local suppliers are either not available, or not ready to be incorporated into a large organization’s supply chain due to a number of risks such as quality, working capital, operational excellence, and capacity to deliver at large scale and low cost.

Interdependence is a reality

Buying firms have an imperative to develop and grow Black suppliers with the ultimate goal of including them into their supply chain in a sustainable fashion. It is important to understand the mutual interdependence between big corporates, small black business and government to ensure sustainable economic growth of the country. 

Inclusivity is a necessity

Supplier Development has the purpose of improving a beneficiary supplier’s performance and overall business sustainability. Sustainability is one of the key measures of a business’s ultimate success, impacting on sustainable job creation and at a macro level, reducing unemployment in the country.

Our Solution

The SASDC deploys a viable business ecosystem consisting of a network of organizations — including suppliers, distributors, end users, competitors, government agencies involved in the delivery of a bespoke solution through cooperation.

Conceptually each entity in the ecosystem affects and is affected by the others, creating a constantly evolving relationship in which each entity must be flexible and adaptable in order to promote the sustainability of the other. 

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Certified Suppliers

Our 5Cs business ecosystem

Through the SASDC’s 5C mission Collaborate, Certify, Connect,
Capacitate & Celebrate – we have provided viable linkages between corporates and certified black businesses thereby directly improving their corporate brand & image, market share, competitiveness and compliance, consequently growing black businesses, employment and the South African economy.


Black business viability and link to corporates to improve B-BBEE Scorecard


Small businesses, government and large corporates through local and international partnerships


Bridging the gap and enabling cooperation between ublic, private sector and international stakeholders


Enable business leaders, procurement proffessionals and entrepreneurs to scale up their knowledge, skills and techniques


We have created viable partnerships, grown black businesses, created employment and improved our economics

Our End-to-End solution is geared towards delivering the following:

We help you better buy from Black Businesses… which improves your B-BBEE compliance.

We assist in improving your corporate image and unlock new market opportunities, which increases your market share.

Consequently, we grow black businesses, creating employment, thus diversifying participation in our economy.

Ultimately, we assist in improving South Africa’s global competitiveness.

Our primary goal:

The SASDC embraces its role as ecosystem orchestrator by channelling leading and best practices to all of its ecosystem stakeholders for creating and sharing collective value through supplier diversity.

Our commitment to our goal of systemically strengthening the ecosystem formed the foundation for establishing the SASDC Supplier Diversity Academy.

The Academy fulfils the critical functions of:


By collecting and sharing information related to questions and issues of business and supplier diversity practice


By assisting stakeholders to start and sustain their learning


By encouraging members to use their new knowledge for real change in their own organisations


By organising interactions and collaboration among stakeholders within our ecosystem


By promoting the work of members and suppliers through discussion and sharing

We are a lever that enables the tangible skills and capabilities that corporates and black businesses need to compete, adapt, and thrive in a fast-changing world.

Key Delivery Pillars

End-To-End products:

Collective Action

Our Business, Society and Collective action events provides connecting with people of different cultures and values, the avoidance of groupthink and heightened awareness of the economic, political and social challenges which affect business management in South Africa and globally.

Synergy Events
Ground Breakers

Provides renowned experts and symposiums aimed at empowering stakeholders in the SASDC ecosystem with cutting edge knowledge and solutions in a fast-changing environment

Master Classes
Xpert Connect
Pracademic Programmes

Relevant and practical business development programmes, thus creating successful leaders to deal with Africa's challenges and growing South Africa and the continent, whilst at the same time allowing corporates to be B-BBEE compliant and celebrate their transformational role within the South African context

Leadership Development
Business Development
Entrepreneurship Development